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Peep The Purple

Jacaranda mimosifolia are native to South American countries like Argentina and Bolivia, but over time, they’ve petaled their way north. Horticulturalist Kate Sessions is credited for bringing the trees to San Diego in the 1890s, and the jacaranda has even been named San Diego’s official urban tree.

Because jacaranda trees aren’t native to San Diego there are many clusters where city planners placed them  and Bankers Hill  is  one of them  spanning  4th and  5thave from Fir to  Walnut  St.

We’re excited to say San Diego has the springtime blues — jacaranda trees are starting to bloom. The city is home to an estimated 12,000 blue jacarandas known for their trumpet-shaped, lavender-blue flowers.

This year, the blooms are right on schedule, as they typically arrive in late spring. Generally, they only last about two months, so you’ll want to catch these flowers before they fall.

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